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How Covid-19 Has Changed the Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

The presence of the pandemic has changed the ball game drastically for digital marketing; and being unaware of these changes can prove detrimental to your business! Read on.

Catching Up With 2020’s Web Development Trends

The online market is constantly advancing for a digital and growingly demanding generation of consumers. Is your website up to par with the advancements? Find out here.

Does SEO Still Matter in 2020?

SEO is an effective digital marketing strategy to dominate the online search results to bring online users to your website. Learn why SEO still matters in 2020.

Creating an Effective SEO Strategy

Creating an effective seo strategy involves acquiring search engine optimisation services from an esteemed and reputable digital marketing company. Learn more about our latest blog in effective seo strategy.

Improve your website’s click through rate

A high CTR means people notice your website and click on it when it appears in a web search. Conversely, a low CTR indicates they are aware of your page's existence but click on other pages instead.

Digital Marketing: Helping Brands Thrive During Covid-19

Marketing during these seemingly cruel times requires empathy and sensitivity to current events and the needs of other people. It also must be adaptable enough to go with the flow of everyday change.

Earn Somebody’s Trust by Catching Their Attention

Audiences will positively respond to any content put in front of them as long as you catch their attention and make them feel like your brand empathizes with them.

Increasing Leads for Cashless Business Transactions through Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing world, cashless payments are vital to make the world go round, on the digital world of course. Learn how your business transactions can increase through digital marketing.

Rising Opportunities in Helping Local Business Amidst Covid 19

Online visibility is also a must for business owners as people lean forward in shopping online rather than going to the store. Digital Marketing opportunities are teeming for brick and mortar stores at this global pandemic period.

Search Engine Optimisation: Establishing Online Footprint

Digital footprint refers to your distinctive set of traceable activities done digitally; actions, contributions, and communications indicated on the Internet or on digital devices.