2018 Trends for the Marketing Industry

Posted by Author 2 years ago

To say that 2017 was one heck of a ride for businesses would be an understatement. This past year, we've witnessed businesses, in all different industries, experiences many changes.

In an effort to have a better understanding of the marketing world, experts laid out some projections this 2018, regarding the trends in the marketing industry, which can help your business have a more stable year.

Diversity is Your Friend

Diversify the people in your company. Why? Because according to a 2015 Credit Suisse report, companies with women in decision making roles have yielded a higher return on equity, compared to those have only men in these roles.

However, diversity doesn't just end in hiring an equal number of men and women. It also includes age, race and even sexuality. By having a diverse set of people, you'll have a diverse set of ideas that can help your company steer forward.

All Device Platforms Must be Utilized

When it comes to marketing your business, always make sure that your potential customers experience your "brand" whether they access it via PC, tablet or smartphone. According to marketing tech company Criteo, 40 percent of transactions take place in different devices, so it's dead obvious that your company website must produce the same seamless experience no matter what platform.


Think Outside of The Box When Marketing Your Product

CNBC said that currently, there are 225 million active users of ad blockers. You know what that means right? They don't want your ads...well, at least your typical ads.

So how can you market if you can't put up ads? Simple. Provide an "experience." Look at this for example, to market "Star Wars," Disney made a "Star Wars" themed hotel, for fans of the franchise to enjoy.

Do What You Say

Or rather, deliver what you promise. This trend isn't going anytime soon. In fact, it's not even a trend, but a credo that must be instilled in your company's backbone. If you claim that your product can improve the lives of your client, it better damn improve it. And if you do this, you won't even have to advertise your company as your customers will do the talking.


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