2019 SEO Tips for Online Stores

If you own an online store and is already gearing up for improving your 2019 sales outlook, consider the inbound search traffic factor with these 2019 SEO Tips.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

A website is not enough to boost your online store's visibility. You need to consider the different factors and how to align each and one of them to create a wonderful and flawless user experience. That's why you need to get integrated digital marketing to your website.

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Innovation is always aligned with tech giants. These companies are always in the lookout for new ways in impressing and — more importantly — reach or even go beyond customer expectations. Look at Google and Facebook, these top companies are always ahead of their game. Them, and other companies, are always developing their algorithm; hence, trends. You know the drill. Smaller companies look up to the big leagues, there's no doubt they'll follow suit. They need to become up to date in order to leverage these new trends before their competitors do.

As the year ends, companies are on the lookout for trends and tips coming out next year. If you're one of them, here's the 2019 SEO tips for online stores.

SEO Tip #1: User Experience As an online store or any business for that matter, your focus should be on the user. They're the ones going to buy from you, so it's important to also think about them when making decisions. That's what sets other companies apart from others. Tech giants like Google are able to think ahead and create services that will benefit their users.

As an online store, your website should be fast and simple. Fast in a sense that it will load quicker than expected, and simple in a sense that users are able to navigate it easily. However, you should have two of both worlds. If you only have one of each, users will eventually leave.

The bottom line is that you should be able to create a flawless user experience for every platform a user can use to access your business.

SEO Tip #2: Branding and Converting If you could only choose one between ranking and conversion, which will you choose? Rankings are great because it's visibility; your niche will find you easier. On the other hand, Conversions are all about the money; it's all about turning visitors into customers.

But, if you could do both, then that trumps it all. One way is through link building. In the world of business, building your brand to be recognised is essential. Link building can create relationships within your niche.

SEO Tip #3: Website Security Let's not forget about safety, everyone. Website security is important for users and your business as well. Truth be told, they won't visit your website if they don't see the green "secure" sign before the address. Even though a number of users don't know HTTPS, but when the green sign exists, then they'll know the website is safe.

It's important to invest in security measure, especially if you're handling personal and sensitive information, such as banking details. In another note, safe websites are noticed by Google and given with good rankings and better visibility. It's a win-win situation, right?