5 Website Characteristics That Point What You Need to Redesign Your Website for 2018

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Having a great website design has its benefits. It can give you a step ahead in the competition, help you have a solid presence on the World Wide Web, and have more conversions. However, hiring web designers can be expensive and not all have yet the ability to create an effective design that can put a spotlight on the branding of your website.

Common mistakes are often done by everyone, so it is best to know the five website characteristics that point what you need to redesign your website for 2018 in order to avoid such mishaps starting today.


Unorganised User Interface
Imagine yourself walking into a store that has improperly labelled goods, unorganised shelves, and no aisle indications. Hard to find what you're looking for right? Same goes for websites. If your website is unorganised and complicated, then visitors won't have second thoughts in leaving your website.

A website should be easy to navigate and understand. Instead of adding too much, it would be best to keep things simple. Create a navigation bar and place important contents and links on the homepage to help them navigate with ease.

Not Web Responsive
In the digital age today, people prefer to use their mobile devices than desktops. This means that more people use mobile devices to surf the net since it is more convenient. Take advantage of this technological advancement. Make sure to have a web responsive website so that your website can adjust to different screen resolutions flawlessly.


Not Investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO has the ability to make your website visible and go up the rankings of search engines. However, this is an investment that needs a budget. Before deciding on investing, make sure to find a reliable company that offers digital marketing so that your money won't go to waste.

SEO is important for a website. Without it, there are chances of your website to go down. If this happens, then what's the use of having an awesome design and great content if no one can see it?


Prioritising Visuals than User Experience
This is a common mistake often done by a number of web designers. This mistake happens when web designers focus more on visuals than user experience, thus sacrificing functionality of the website itself. Yes, visuals are a part of a website and can have an impact on visitors, but one should remember that it is just one that has the ability to do so. Make sure to only select the needed elements so that loading time and functionality won't be sacrificed.


Not Considering the Use of Analytics
Analytics is important. This allows web designers to know how a visitor behaves once they navigate your website. The data collected will give the designer the idea on which pages have the most visits, which ads and promotions are effective, and what are the other interactions your visitors do on your website. Give time to check your analytics for you to know which parts of your websites will need improvement on a customer’s point of view.