6 Scaretastic Websites to Visit This Halloween

Posted by Author 4 years ago


Good news for those who are looking for that Halloween thrill, but don’t want to look any further than their computer screens; there are plenty of places on the Internet where weird and creepy stuff can be found.

Whether you’re looking for out of this world animations, scary stories, or absolutely terrifying facts and fiction, we’ve got you covered.

These six scaretastic websites will surely make your indoor Halloween celebration more interesting.

  1. Death date

Call it morbid curiosity – this website gives you death date calculations, letting you know how much time you have left. Gasp!

  1. Plane crash info

Are you ready for the really dark stuff? This website comes with a cautionary warning as the content really is disturbing. It has transcripts and mp3 recordings of airplane passengers and pilots in their final moments before impact.

  1. Dong Ghost

Lose yourself in an interactive comic that will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise. This website features horror-themed webtoons and comes with a health warning for pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with serious medical conditions. Proceed with caution, if you dare.

  1. Maze Game

Keep your mouse steady if you want to keep your heart from pounding with fear. This website is your go-to place for simple games with major scares.

  1. Staggering beauty

You might not get the idea of this website right off the bat. It’s one of those websites that don’t really make sense, but exists for the sake of existing. It features a strange, unsettling dark worm which follows your mouse and goes ballistic if you move too fast. So, if the purpose of this website is to be utterly unsettling and disturbing, well, mission accomplished!

  1. CreepyPasta

For fans of reading scary stories, this website has it all for you. It has various categories to choose from, with hundreds of stories to keep you up and terrified all night long.

Happy Halloween!