Digital Marketing Movements for Agencies to Consider in 2018

Posted by Author 2 years ago

It's that time of the year again. The time wherein we evaluate our business and see why things happened that way. It's no surprise that trends for the next year are emerging. This year, we have seen immense growth in the technology industry. The innovations have greatly impacted not only businesses but customers as well. Digital era, as commonly known, gave a lot of platforms for customers to interact with businesses, automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and more that are being used by a lot of businesses today.

But, technology is not stopping anytime soon. As long as there's change, there are trends. And for 2018, here are digital marketing movements that agencies should consider.

1. Going Mobile

This not actually new. If you look back at the last couple of years, a lot of experts already said to migrate to mobile. However, businesses that are not yet web responsive should start embracing mobile. There are five billion unique mobile subscribers around the world. And within this worldwide population, 51 per cent use mobile devices, while 48.7 per cent use desktops and laptops to access the internet. This goes to show that more people are choosing mobile in checking the World Wide Web. If your website is not web responsive, then mobile users won’t hesitate to leave your website.

Adding this and Google's announcement regarding a new model of site indexing for mobile websites into the equation, will push businesses to take the mobile route. This will push them to enter the New Year having more visits and interaction.

2. Content Marketing

Bill Gates said it. Your copy manager said it. Your colleagues said it. Even blogs said it. Yes, content is king. You may think that this is just a bluff since there are other factors that can determine an awesome website, but it's the solid truth. Content is powerful; it has the power to convince people in doing an action. What more if this is used in marketing?

However, not all content produced harness the power. You will need to create high-quality content that is relevant, valuable and appealing to keep your customer's attention and gain new ones. This also helps you rank up in search engine rankings and make your website credible and trusted.

3. Big Data

Information is on the rise. With all the data being collected every month, there is a need for professionals who can handle it. These professionals are responsible in transforming the data collected into something useful for the business. This means that based on the data collected, these professionals, with the use of digital technology, should be able to come up with new ways to generate profit for the company.

4. Video

There are many types of content, and video is one. For 2018, video will gain more of the spotlight it deserves. Currently, video is everywhere. It has taken over social media as a form of content for your target market. For websites, including videos on a landing page can increase conversion by 80 per cent. Meanwhile, online shoppers opt to buy a product after watching demo videos compared to non-viewers.

Even though we have stated trends for the upcoming year, there are still more to come. As the New Year approaches, it is best to sit with your team and discuss future plans. Better make sure to come up with a concrete plan that can help you boost your business. And we can help you with that. Global WebForce is a digital web agency that offers digital marketing packages that are perfect for any type and size of business. Our expert team are experienced in coming up with effective solutions and strategies that will help your business rank up, gain more views and boost sales. Call 1300 77 88 62 or email and get exclusive discounts on our services!