Five Goals For the Success of Business Website Redesign Projects

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Designing a website is a long process. Even if the project is finished and already up, there will always be tweaks and changes. When it is time to redesign, you start the process all over again. Website redesign is important for any business website and should be done right. However, some fail in doing so.

According to a research for Forbes, the main reason why businesses fail is that they don't have a solid business objective in mind, while a report done by HubSpot shows that 51 per cent of website redesigns fail, 63 per cent go beyond their planned budget, and 33 per cent are not happy with the results of their website redesign.

Setting clear and reachable goals is the key to an effective website redesign. With that being said, here are five goals for the success of business website redesign projects.


Goal #1: Gather the data needed

Concrete and complete data are vital in figuring out if your whole website needs a makeover or only parts of it. There are instances wherein their website redesign project is bigger than what is in of change, thus pushing them beyond their allocated budget and timeframe.

One way of figuring out if your business needs a redesign is undergoing a usability test. Users are the one who navigates a website. Before launching, you need to be sure that your website is easy for them to navigate and understand in order to convince them in making an action you wanted them to do in the first place. By running a usability test, you will know what needs to be done and which parts are in need of revisions.


Goal #2: Establish a solid content strategy

One of the challenges website development and redesign has to face is having the content ready before giving it to your designer. If you don't have a concrete strategy to follow, then things might go out of hand—an example is going beyond schedule, thus delaying the whole project.

Content creation often goes beyond an agreed schedule, especially when you are still not sure of what you want to convey to your audience and who you are as a business. Well, we all know it is not that easy to come up with words to clearly tell the audience every bit of information you are relaying to them.


Goal #3: Have brainstorming/small group sessions

The process of how things are done is often the reason why delays happen. Starting a project without supervision of someone who can provide feedback can cause drawbacks since suggestions could have been pooled earlier if they were involved from the start.

Brainstorming and small meetings are essential in letting everyone come to terms and work on the same page. This also promotes effective communication and workflow since everyone is heard, making everyone work in sync and preventing delays.


Goal #4: Go around delays

There is no denying that there are projects that experience delays. And what we have to do is accept it and find ways on how to overcome such challenges. Delays are actually not exclusive to technical challenges and drawbacks. Other delays can be sicknesses, vacations and even sudden changes in theme and the like.

Everyone is—of course—is happy when deadlines are met, but reality hurts. We're still human so these will eventually happen.


Goal #5: Learn to prioritise

This not only a priority for the writer, designer or web designer, but should be your priority as well. Once you have learned this project is also your priority, then drawbacks can be lessened and effective communication is promoted.

Taking ownership and learning to prioritise this will help you give time to talk to every person working on the project. This means that they can have faster access to resources they need to get the job done.

Website redesign is also a long process, especially when there are drawbacks being faced. However, when the team has full access to resources and effective communication is promoted, then problems will be prevented and work can be done faster.  Website redesign will be a breeze and organised with a digital agency that has experience in delivering the best results and knows how to make things work.

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