For Travel Agencies: Tips for Designing a Travel Website

Do you own a travel business? Then most likely you will need a website to boost your presence in the digital world. Here are tips in designing a travel website for your agency.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Travel agencies must step up their game in order to have customers booking their next adventure with them. If you are a travel agency and is struggling to get customers, it's time to get a website or give your website a makeover. Global WebForce offers website design packages that include web design, content, web development, and even digital marketing to make your website visible and attractive. For more information, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email

Website design should always follow the branding of your business, but should also be aligned with your customers' expectations. As for travel agencies, their websites should be able to exude the rush feeling of excitement when it comes to travel. The wanderlust feeling should surface, urging customers to book their tickets now to experience what they see on your offers. But, how do you exactly do it? Here are tips to help you design a travel website.

Branding Your business has an identity. And this identity is how your customers will recognise you. The same should be with your website. Think about your website as your attachment or your shop on the internet. This is the place your customers go when they are searching for flights on the internet. For them to identify who you are, you should include your logo and have matching colours. The logo should be the same as what you're using (of course) and the colours you are going to use should also be consistent.

High-quality Content It's a must for travel websites to incite the feeling of wanderlust, the drive to travel. That's why your content should focus on high-quality images of tourist spots and the unique culture of the destinations you offer. Images are a huge investment for this type of website. A picture speaks a thousand words, which is true. But the better option is to combine imagery and words to fully describe to your customers the experience. Storytelling will help in convincing your customers to book a flight and go to their dream destination.

Web responsive website This is a must for every website and not just for travel websites. The emergence of mobile devices has taken over how people go to the internet. This means that a huge chunk of the world's population uses their mobile devices to access websites, which may include yours if properly marketed. However, if your website is not optimised for smaller screens, now is the time to do so as your customers won't stand around and take the time to understand your website that is not viewable when they access it using mobile devices.