Halloween 2017: Why Your Old Website is Scaring Away Your Customers

Posted by Author 2 years ago

A website is the window of your store online. If being compared to a brick and mortar store, this is literally the window shop where you see what are new, offers and promotions. A website is not there for show. It is a platform to showcase who you are, what you can offer, and what you have done so far. In making a website, always think about your customers. Remember, first impressions last and make a mark on your potential customers. Your niche market should become top priority since they are the ones who are going to buy from you anyway.

Now, if your website is not trustworthy and attractive enough, then potential customers would definitely run away and find a new one, which, unfortunately, is your competitor. Stop scaring customers, especially this Halloween. Your website is not made to become scarecrow or a ghost to begin with. To have a guideline on how to check how effective your website is, here are reasons why your old website is scaring away your customers.

Reason #1: Website is taking too long to load

This is a big no-no for websites. Wouldn't it be embarrassing that you already scared off your customers even before the website loads? Actually, this is a common scenario in the digital world. Since customers have access to the World Wide Web at any given time of the day and are in a hurry, they can get impatient and lose interest in a slow-loading website and leave in an instant. Don't be one of those websites.

Make sure that your website is fully optimised. Double check your plugins installed and elements uploaded. For plugins, make sure you are only using what is needed to avoid conflict with other plugins. Errors with plugins affect the performance of your website, so better do research on which plugins are important. Meanwhile, images should have a specific resolution that is not heavy to load. Find a plugin that can compress images without sacrificing quality so that images still looks clear and beautiful even though resized into something smaller.


Reason #2: Having incomplete or missing information

Information is essential in knowing who you are, and a website is a perfect platform to show that. However, there are businesses that launch their websites with incomplete information. Many customers would definitely run away from you if you've done the same. Customers won't be looking for more information if they're not interested. Make sure that your contact information, business address, and background information are clearly displayed on its respective landing page. This will make it easier for customers to navigate your website and find what they are looking for.


Reason #3: Autoplay music

Don't expect that all your customers have the same taste in music as you do. Placing autoplay music can give enough reasons for your customers to leave your website. There are many reasons as to why automatic music is a no-no: it can disrupt what your customers are already listening to; can contribute to the slow loading time of the website; makes a customer wanting to pause the music but ends up in deciding to close the website instead to stop the music; and can consume internet data on the customer's side. This is just causing a burden on the side of the customer. But, if the music is really needed, you can show the stop or pause button on a place that can be clearly seen by customers to make it easier for them to stop the music.

Halloween is the day where ghost stories roam around and scare everyone away. Don't make your website one of those horror stories that professionals use as examples for their team not to follow. Make sure that your website is optimised, complete with needed information, and think about your customers and the data they will consume once they enter your website to make sure that all the reasons of leaving would go away.