Holidays 2015: Facebook Paid Promotions

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We are in October and the holiday buzz is quickly spreading as consumers are preparing to go shopping. In this day and age, customers often browse online and are now mostly on mobile. So what will upstart and indie brands must do to help get noticed and get more sales this holiday? These quick tips will help you plan, consider and try to help with your last sales push for finishing 2015. 

Why Paid Promotions Works For You

Indie brands cannot hope to compete without social media as they proposition themselves to target and convince a large mainstream market. Small or indie brands target these audience markets on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness, develop a larger following that will convert to sales in time.

So how do you target these audiences that religiously follow big shopping brands? “Promote” your post! To start, you will need to tie your credit card to your brand’s facebook page to utilise this feature. Contrary to popular belief, it does not cost a fortune to advertise on facebook as the budget you choose can be as low as $5. Keep in mind that the larger the budget, the larger the reach but do not go overboard with lumping up a sum, be wise and estimate your budget for marketing like all wise business owners.

Get Started With Paid Promotions

To get started with this, check out Facebook’s Ads Guide to see which promotion is best for you:

Clicks to Website – If you have a website, this promotion will drive traffic to your website, perfect for small e-commerce brands.

Website Conversions – This option also drives traffic to specific pages of your website for them to either buy or subscribe to your newsletter delivered straight to the mailbox.

Page Post Engagement – Designed to get people to like and comment on your post. The post should be typically a post for product announcement or limited time discounts to get the best results.

Page Likes – Invite people to like your pages, increasing your social followers.

These promotions allow you to select a demographic basing on what pages people like or the geographic locations. Targeting people who like bigger brands for example will get you the target market you are hoping to reach while selecting the geography nearest to you could bring in actual store visits.

Example, if you are a handmade specialty shops such as kitchenware, you would like to target the facebook pages of the following:

  • Well known retail stores that sell kitchen supplies and utensils
  • Kitchen Utensil brands
  • Famous chefs or bakers
  • TV shows about cooking and baking
  • Your competitors (Sneaky but effective) 

The holiday produces a large consumer shopping demographic as they race against time to give gifts or shop for their very own wish list. Trying paid promotion by defining a wise budget allocated for this adventure and knowing which demographic to target that will translate to actual paying audiences will bring your business the much needed awareness, visits and perhaps sales. 


If you will be too busy to promote your business / brand products or services for the holidays, Global WebForce offers social media packages consisting of management and paid promotions that not only gets you more likes but also garner interest that could translate into actual paying customers. Our social media team becomes your social media sales and promotion team that will work with you to get the much needed holiday push this festive season. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to leverage social media promotions this holiday.

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