Homepage Content that Can Win Over Customers and Search Engines

Posted by Author 3 years ago

Through time, everything can change. This includes things that need and don't need constant maintenance. And of these are websites and its rankings. Taking care of your website is a must to reach a certain rank in search engines. So, scheduling a website check is important since this is when you will find out what you’re doing wrong with your website. Google knows what it's looking for because it has its own standardised criteria to follow. Truth be told, it pays off when you pass Google's standards and gets to be placed in a high rank.

Think of your website as a restaurant and Google is the critic. From time to time, they would review restaurants and write a review based on their experience—ambiance, food, service, accommodation, and the like. If your restaurant passes the reviewer's standards, then there will be positive articles published for the world to see. There is no doubt that on a daily basis, people search for places where they can eat good food. Once the world sees it, this would pique their interest and will also come to try your food. If they experience what goodness Google experienced, then they would definitely recommend it to their friends, thus spreading the word. Remember, word of mouth is also important in having an audience discover you.

Going back to the topic, a basic website can be divided into the main components in a homepage. A homepage is the first page a user can see; the place where they get to navigate your website. Optimising the key components of your website for the benefit of your users and robot readability will definitely boost your website. When creating a website, it is best to make the homepage first in order to promote consistency among the next pages to be done.

So, what are these key components anyway?

1. Navigation bar

See the bar on top of this website? Yes, that is a navigation bar. This area of the website is where you can find the links towards other pages of the website. For users to understand and see clearly your navigation bar, it is best to show all these menus in the same bar.

The navigation bar is one of the components users always look for since this is the place where they can start navigating your website. So, better make sure to make it clear for them to see.

There are instances wherein a drop down menu is appropriate to use, especially if there are many categories falling under a certain menu. Take a look at our website’s navigation bar on top or the image below. 

This will help declutter the navigation bar and help users know they can find what they are searching for on the navigation bar.

2. Choice of images

One of the factors to grab the attention of users is using amazing, compelling images. In choosing images, make sure to place images that can show what you really offer.

For example, if your website is a travel agency, you can use images wherein an adventure that awaits them in a certain place — but make sure that the area you are featuring belongs to your tour packages or destinations. Moreover, make sure to create a copy that would compliment with your image. Here’s an image and copy from G Adventures that already invites you to embark exciting adventure.

3. Striking copy

If images attract users, copy, on the other hand, persuades them to make an action. One of the first things users see is your website's headline since it is the same level with their eyes. Your headlines should be brief, straight to the point, and enticing so that they feel invited to navigate your website.

This headline of Momentum clearly states what they offer since their services revolve around helping business connect better with their niche market online.

Another copy that should be attention-grabbing is your call to action. This copy is the one responsible to convince your users to make an action and is placed on a button. An example is Netflix’s call to action.