How Businesses Can Align Strategies with Outsourced SEO

When you have signed up with an SEO provider, results won't be automatic as your business needs to align activities with SEO in order to achieve the best results.

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fairly common practice in today’s business environment. When businesses don’t have the resources and the technical knowledge on how SEO works, this is where agencies, freelance professionals and consultants often enter an outsourced role in providing SEO for a business. However, with an SEO agency onboard or a reputable SEO professional acting as a consultant and specialist, businesses often see it as a “one and done” matter where instant results are expected despite the lack of planning or the lack of communication between the parties consisting of business personnel (or at times, the business owner) and the SEO provider or agency. SEO success is defined through the groundwork on how SEO supports business and marketing objectives through the many techniques and avenues that SEO has to offer. In the same way, business and marketing activities must also support SEO. It is a two-way process built on constant communication, planning, measurement and further refinement as business objectives tread forward as well as the SEO campaign moving forward to its later stages. Below are the examples on how you, as a business can get the most of the SEO service by way of engaging in constant communication.

Improving Your Knowledge in SEO - SEO agencies and professionals can answer all your questions about SEO and they also feature various levels of educational materials for their clients in order for them to upskill and enhance their overall understanding of SEO. For the most technical of details, the SEO provider can answer for it, but businesses and its teams must have a general idea about SEO and what is expected to be delivered based on the contract or service level agreement. Spending time with the SEO provider and arranging learning sessions or being in constant communication will help teams understand what SEO is.

Defining Targets with the SEO - When the agreement is finalized between your business and your chosen SEO provider, both parties must aim to track the progress of the campaign’s results and the website’s progress. SEO providers such as agencies and professionals often round up reports monthly or weekly – depending on the agreed deliverables. SEO agencies may or may not guarantee high keyword rankings on search engines as well as improving the website’s overall monthly traffic but there is no absolute guarantee of very high traffic nor very high keywords as campaigns take time to realize objectives and its goals. So what does SEO guarantee? It’s the progressive increase of keyword rankings and site traffic through setting a website that is search engine friendly where the business website is being placed in a position or under certain state where it can be ranked for keywords. Defining targets when it comes to SEO is an objective made by the business and for SEO providers, attaining those objectives are the ideal goal of the campaign. Whether the goals happen in the shortest amount of time or gaining traction for long term goals, businesses must measure the weekly or monthly results. Through cooperation and measurement, the business can plan with their SEO providers in making adjustments in marketing in order to achieve better results, moving forward.

Make a Marketing Plan - Planning is essential for any business, marketing or SEO campaign. Planning is the key for aligning business objectives with SEO. In defining a series of activity, the SEO agency is in a position to utilize their techniques and enlist other digital marketing activities to help support the business not only in SEO but also its commercial reach.

Watch Out For Opportunities - In the long course of marketing, opportunities come up. For business owners, knowing the appropriate actions in order to capitalize in opportunities that present themselves are the many ways to success. SEO agencies also can discuss with you opportunities seen or gained from tracking the website’s traffic. In sharing your follow-up activities based on opportunities, SEO agencies can help plan a number of digital marketing activities or content to help support the business.

Constant Communication - Communication between departments such as sales, marketing and advertising are key for enterprise success. When it comes to businesses and their chosen SEO providers, constant communication will help them create a solid business plan that combines offline activities and digital marketing activities for the digital growth of the business when it comes to online such as overall exposure of the website that leads to more traffic. As an Digital Marketing company, Global WebForce operates in an integrated model that utilizes alignment of business objectives to blend with our expertise when it comes to providing outsource SEO. To know more about how we conduct SEO campaigns, call us today 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email