How Businesses Can Shape a Social Media Centric Internal Culture

A business must embrace the social side of today's social media driven business. Here's how to get started.

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Social media is a goldmine of leads. With all the people using social media as a way to express themselves or to search for stores to buy products and services from, there is no excuse for businesses to establish themselves there. But, being established here is hard; it's a struggle that also needs a comprehensive strategy and consistent planning and testing to make things work. And if you are one of those having difficulty, you need to look at a new angle and it's with you all along.

Looking at your company, who do you think knows it best beside you? Of course, your employees. They are the ones who have been coming to work every day, studying the business profile and performing tasks for the betterment of the business. These people also see something in the picture you are looking at.

Employees also have power - In regards to social media, they have the power on their own social media accounts. And this may sound risky and pushy, but allowing them to talk about your business through their social media creates an influence. Your employees also have their own set of followers who get to see their daily tweets, images, and status updates. But, if you are continuing to provide them with the necessary training, support, high-quality technological resources, a fun, collaborative work environment and work ethic, then rest assured that your employees are talking about the business on a positive note.

Known as employee advocacy, this is the employee's take in promoting the business; their participation in social media. Your employees become brand champions as they work their own style through social media, becoming thought leaders and sharing their personal voice regarding news about the industry and the company itself. In the process of their evolution into thought leaders, they will eventually earn a number of social media following. And this is like hitting two birds with one stone — the company and the employee. The employee is able to gain knowledge being a brand champion, while the company gains the recognition of having an employee like that. This can be considered a give and take situation, which makes it an ideal strategy to gain followers.

You may not see it, but employees have the power. They can also become influencers and thought leaders that can influence a certain market to follow their social media accounts due to their relevant and reliable information. However, this may sound a bit risky and pushy. Another option is for businesses to outsource digital marketing from a trusted web agency. Global Web Force has years of experience in providing digital marketing strategies that have helped businesses in reaching more customers and converting them into leads. Experience the power of digital marketing, call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email for more information.