How Businesses Can Utilize Audience Oriented Web Design to Build Loyalty

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For people, first impressions are often times disregarded. But for websites, it matters, big time.

The time to make a first impression is only 1/10th of a second, and websites are no exception. There are only about 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds for users to create their opinions and final say, whether to stay or leave. There are many factors to consider in making the best impression.

Properly designing and optimising your website can help the business create a certain following from your audience since they are loyal and trust you. This will definitely benefit your business in all aspects, especially return on investments. And there are strategies to make it a reality.

1. Ace that Website Design

Imagine a website that has a bad design, confusing navigation, poor content, and slow loading time. Now, will you stay or you're going to find a new one? Of course, you will find a new one. On the other hand, an appealing, fresh, and quick-to-load website increase the chance of retaining visitors and converting them into customers.

Not only that, a website should have a responsive and mobile-friendly design in order to adjust to any platform your users are using to visit you, especially now that people are opting to choose mobile devices over desktops and laptops. The bottom line is that always keep in mind your users for you to have a deeper understanding of how to design your website.

2. Show Statistics and Case Studies

By showing statistics and case studies will help your target market to understand and see how you do things; on how you provide great service. Obviously, you will need to provide examples of your works and its respective results.

By creating case studies, is a great way to promote what you can offer in terms of services and products. On the other hand, creating statistic will show your target market on how serious you are in producing wonderful results for them.

3. Gather Testimonials and Reviews

Having testimonials and reviews from customers illustrates their experience with you. This information is perfect for interested visitors to know if you are worth the trust. These people often search for testimonials and reviews for them to know how credible you are, so make sure that you are consistent with how you deliver your services and products—make it a positive one.

No matter what reviews you get, make sure to reply to each one since interaction is also important. Interactions have the power to transform negative reviews into positive ones. So take the extra mile and show that your business is willing to set things straight to make unsatisfied customers happy.

4. Be Proud of Your Awards, Recognitions, Certifications, and Credentials

Another strategy to take to win your customer's trust is to show your awards, recognitions, certifications, and credentials on your website. These things should not be tucked away in a hidden chest in your bedroom; you earned it, so make sure to flaunt it. This will demonstrate how capable you are as a business in taking care of your customers.

Entering a contest with your best work may take a lot of time, effort and manpower, but the benefits you will reap once you win is another advantage against your competitors.

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