How Does Website Design Affect Google Adwords PPC?

If you own a business website and is planning to advertise with Adwords, website design is a factor for success.

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If you think that Pay Per Click (PPC) has nothing to do with your website design, well better think again. And it's not just how your website looks, but also its performance.

Remember, Adwords PPC is not all about the lead clicking the ad. That's just one part of the process. What comes after also poses a huge significance in your campaign's success.

We all know that a negative experience will damage your campaign, while a positive one will definitely increase your chances of a sale. To help you with this dilemma, here are ways on how website design affects Google Adwords PPC.

Errors Customers have their own habits compared to yours. That means they could trigger errors that you haven't encountered when testing your website.

Always make sure to double check your website on different platforms and browsers identify errors. But, don't think the problems are solved when you haven't encountered any. Talk to your developer when a customer complains or you found an error after the website is launched.

Responsive Design Customers can choose freely on what device they'll use when visiting a website. It's better to be prepared and optimise your website into a responsive one so it could adapt to any platform. This means the content and even images can adjust based on the screen a customer is viewing on.

People who stumble upon your website don't want to see a cluttered website with overlapping texts and images. When they do, obviously they'll leave and find another, wasting your effort in the campaign.

Website Design How your website looks is also important. Why? It creates an overall impression for your customers. Visitors of your website can create an impression in as fast as a second upon seeing your website. So, make sure your website's design is organised, modern, and creative at the same time.

Loading Time Aside from responsiveness, customers don't have time to wait for your website to load.

Think that your target market has the purchasing power, meaning they have the funds to buy what they want and need. That's why they're looking at your website now — for your products and services. However, your website loads too long. It will only leave a negative impact on customers, convincing them to leave and find another.

You can try online tools, such as Google, to help you identify how long your website loads.

Seek the Help of a Professional Finding the signs of why your campaign is failing can be hard to spot, especially if you're not an expert in Adwords PPC.

There is no need to worry as there are a lot of professionals you can choose from that offer a website design package with digital marketing. But, make sure they have experience in the topic at hand.

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