How Philippine Accounting Firms Can Optimize their Website for Success

For Accounting firms in the Philippines, the following website elements are necessary for them to convert better when it comes to website visitors into customers.

Posted by Author 2 years ago

In the Philippines, the most successful accounting firms are the ones who are well reputed through decades of accounting firm practice. They have a core group of corporate accounts and a chain of referral networks that help their client pipeline well fed. While reputation and referrals are no doubt tried and proven recipes for the success of the accounting firm, competition is still steep and one of the ways to help grow your accounting firm’s client base is through a well maintained website that converts visitors into clients. Below are factors that will help your website convert better:

Well Defined Specialty

In the website, a well defined identity is essential to quickly establish one’s reputation and method of practice. This include your specialties when it comes to handling the many facets of accounting and the types of accounting you specialize in. You may also state your firm’s industry expertise to quickly help your prospect narrow you down on their shortlist. Matters such as your client base and your years of practice will also help boost your first impression marketability.

Content Production

Aside from the webcopy and narrative on your website, the allotted space for your corporate blog account could serve value in the long run – as long as you keep producing quality content that helps educate, inform and showcase your knowledge within the accounting industry. Yes, blogging helps as it help build and solidify your expertise. Writing timely content basing on industry news, best practices, case studies and accounting events help your firm round out a reputation as a source of valuable information.

Conversion Focus

A great website informs and also features strategic sales points across its content that are often pre-cursors for call-to-action elements. The formula of gearing your website’s information structure and web design to influence your website visitors to take action in contacting your accounting firm is the first reason why you are operating a website. A website that converts is essentially fulfilling its business existence and it translates to the return of investment over the time and resource you’ve invested in the creation of your website. Conversion focused websites contain the following elements: • Your accounting firm’s contact details are very visible across the website • Concise Contact Forms • One-Click Phone Call and Email Launcher • Value Based offers • Pre-Service offers Call to Actions (CTAs) are not limited to the examples above as the most effective CTAs employed by the top accounting firms abroad are highly strategic where the website content dwells on a problem that clients can relate to and then slide an offering or proposition that is both compelling and re-assuring.


A website being “user-friendly” means that the website must be easy to navigate for the user and it has clearly defined navigation elements that instinctively tell the user where to go next or how to come back. User-Friendly websites are also responsive in design by nature – which means the website adjusts and fits with visitors who are using mobile phones or tablet computers to browse your website. In making website navigation easy and crystal clear, we are setting up our website for a formula of converting visitors into leads and in turn, help our chances in growing our client base. Global WebForce brings the international standards in website design for the local businesses in the Philippines. Through affordable and easy to deploy website design packages, accounting firms can today attain a modern website that is built to convert. To get started, call 02-6571872 or email