How the Service Industry Can Utilise Social Media for Social Success

Posted by Author 2 years ago

In economics, there are three sectors: Primary or for raw materials; Secondary or the manufacturing services; and Tertiary for services. Out of all the three, the service sector has always been in existence but is difficult to expound on since the general category has a lot of industries under its belt.

Luckily, the service industry can be identified into three types:

1. Consumer-oriented — able to provide service straight to the consumer.

2. Business-oriented — able to provide service to another business.

3. Mixed — can be considered a combination of both worlds for it is able to provide service for consumers and businesses.

The service sector is based on skill. This type of business needs a different approach when it comes to marketing. For the other sectors, it will need to revolve their campaigns around the products they offer, while service businesses will need to market the people behind the business and what they can do for their target market. Because of this, a lot of service businesses are at a lost on how to market themselves properly to their niche market.

Aside from marketing yourself within the circle closest to you—such as family and friends—and within local peer groups, you will also need the push to go to a different platform, which is the digital world. A lot of businesses are now getting websites and social media accounts to market themselves to a bigger, wider audience. Remember, selling yourself is the key. You must figure out how you introduce yourself to your customers. Skills are your selling point. If you can’t prove to your customers what you can do, then it's game over.

There is no denying that a lot of people are using social media every day. Compared to other things to do on the internet, people still prefer to look at their newsfeed. Social media is a promising platform. However, you should know exactly how to implement and execute your campaigns in order to properly use social media for the business. As a service business owner, you should have social media accounts that are related to your business. The approach that you should use is different from those businesses who sell products.

Make sure to identify the branding of the social media platforms you registered at. Not all social media websites are made the same. They have their own target users. In order to reach a wider audience, create as many relevant social media sites there is and revise the content as per branding of a specific social media account you are posting on. Posting content doesn’t mean that you should only be posting paragraphs or a string of words. Visuals are also important to keep customers engaged. Post images, videos, or infographics about your services to keep them interested.

Digital marketing has provided a lot of positive results for businesses. This strategy has opened new doors of opportunities for businesses and can help the service sector market themselves to their audience. Global WebForce offers integrated digital marketing that can help your brand make a mark on the internet and reach a wider audience through our social media packages. Contact 1300 77 88 62 or email to get the kick start your business needs.