How to Factor SEO into your Website Design Aims

Posted by Author 2 years ago

A website is your window. It provides information for the organisation, while products and services for e-commerce. In order to make your website visible, you will need to consider your web design and content. Of course, potential clients must see and read something engaging so that they could stay longer on your website, or even make an action. However, there are times when design and content are not enough in driving traffic.

Sad to say, but that happens, even for the big leagues. That is why, in making a website, you should consider getting search engine optimisation (SEO.). Now, what is SEO? This is a digital marketing strategy that considers search engines' rules in evaluating a website. The solutions this strategy provides can help your website increase in rankings, decrease bounce rate, and even have a wonderful return on investment (ROI). Well, of course, if done the right way. Sounds too good to be true, right? In order to achieve that, here are ways on how to factor SEO into your web design aims.

1. Becoming responsive

In Australia alone, mobile users are expected to reach 19.4 million, while 4.77 billion for the whole world. Imagine having a part of that number as a member of your niche market; that is a lot of potential leads and sales, right? But, if your website is not optimised to become mobile, then say goodbye to them for now. Not only that, if your website is not web responsive, this can also reduce your rankings since Google includes mobile responsiveness on their criteria.

2. The faster, the better

This is a known fact: visitors don't want to wait. And they instantly leave once the loading has reached a certain period of time. According to a study from digital performance measurement firm Dynatrace, there will already be a 10 per cent difference in sales for an online seller once customers have already waited for even just a half second for your website to load.

Don't let this happen to you. First, make sure to choose the right server for you. There are servers that often experience frequent downtimes, so better know which is the best choice within the flock. Second, you will need to choose the elements that suit your branding to avoid clutter. Lastly, make sure your images are optimised for it to load faster, thus aiding in reducing loading time.

3. Pay attention to navigation

A website should be user-friendly. Your niche market should be able to navigate it with ease. Take it from the creator of and "You should design for users who are unlike you. If they can't understand your site or read it with ease, they will struggle and give up."

Once these visitors give up, then you will have an increase in bounce rate and a chance to experience a drop in rankings. You can avoid such results by placing easy-to-use navigation tools that visitors will definitely understand. Don't make much of an effort to fit everything on a single page. You can always place additional landing pages to segregate information and help them know where certain information can be located with ease.

4. Social media is for businesses, too

Creating a social account helps, you know. With all the users of social media, you will have more chances of reaching out to a wider audience. According to a study conducted by Sensis, 84 per cent of Australians get to access the Internet daily and a whopping 94 per cent long on to Facebook every day. This makes social media the perfect platform to promote your business, provide customer service, and create a solid presence in the online world.

With all the possible leads that could be converted to sales, the internet has been the place to reach out to a wider audience. Websites are created for your organisation or business to have a platform in the online world. And in order to establish a solid presence, integrated digital marketing should be executed and implemented the right way.

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