How to Hone Your Creative Writing Skills in Digital Marketing

Posted by Author 2 years ago

There are millions—or even billions—of writers worldwide. Even if not all will publish content, you still get to see thousands anywhere you go. Even the simplest string of text on a billboard is considered as content. With all the content that is being published all around, have you ever thought of yours making a mark in the world? Making your content stand out is difficult, but is possible to achieve. Be able to create relevant content that is readable, relatable and shareable with these simple tips on how to hone your creative writing skills in digital marketing.

1. Read the works of others

Every writer has their own style. And if you are one of the many writers who are still looking for your own style, studying another writer is the way to go. Reading the work of others is not bad; actually, you can really learn a lot from it. From grammar to word usage, you will definitely discover something new to try and practice on. Remember to always pay attention to every detail to understand how they were able to make it engaging and appealing. Other ways on how to follow writers is to find them on social media. We live in the digital age now, so there definitely writers who have embraced the digital life as well.

Whenever you come across awesome content written by them or you just found while searching, keep it in a file. The good thing about this is whenever you are in need of inspiration, just go back to your file and read on topics that you like and admire.

2. Understanding SEO

SEO is a necessity, and it comes hand and hand with content. Understanding SEO can help writers in crafting content that is search engine friendly and customer friendly. These types of content are the ones who soar high in the rankings since Google sees this as relevant to your target market. Another thing with SEO is that it can give you the relevant keywords often searched by your target market, making your content easier to find through search engines.

3. Write an awesome introduction

The introduction is the start of your article. If in this part you already lost the interest of your reader, then don't expect for them to scroll down and read your whole blog post. Moreover, there are other articles circulating that don’t have a hook, which is worse than having a boring one. Having content that doesn't engage won't lead to leads and conversions. Sadly, they won't do any action and will just increase your bounce rate.

In writing an introduction, you should make the reader feel that you know what you're talking about. Make a story and ask questions for them to follow and relate. You can also state facts in order to show authority that your blog post has everything they need about the topic they are searching for.

Engaging your customers with relevant content is important to get their attention and interest. Customer interest is important since it can lead to enquiries and—the best—conversions. Content is important since it has the power to persuade a visitor to make an action.

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