How to Plan for a Better Business Website in 2018

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Your business deserves a better website this 2018.

With the change of pace in technology becoming faster and adaptive than ever, most company websites fail to keep up, losing business in the process. Of course, all of these are avoidable given the right circumstances and proper advice. to plan for a better business website in 2018? Lucky for you, we've curated the best advice all over the web! Here they are, for your reading convenience.

Speed It Up

Speed is everything and everyone wants it fast and now. Did you know that the page's load time has become a major contributing factor to bounce rates?

According to Tulsa World, an estimated 70 percent of users leave a website when the load time takes more than four seconds. And that's not the worst. Users patience is very short because even a one second delay in page loading turns into a seven percent drop in customer conversions.

Go Mobile

Majority of web users now access the Internet via mobile device. According to a 2014 statistic, the numbers of searchers done on mobile have exceeded the searchers on desktop computers. And by December 2017, mobile searchers account for about 60 percent of the search market.

This is why your website this 2018 must capitalize on the trend and make it mobile ready.

Safe & Secure

A secure website isn't just an option nowadays, it's a requirement.

Before, websites that do not have an "HTTPS" in its URL are treated equally by Google. But today, it is now a factor in ranking algorithms, to drive web developers to configure their websites with SSL certificates.

As it is, configuring your website with an SSL certificate can become a major factor in your positioning on search results.

People Want to Micro-Interact

Micro interactions apparently, are all the rage right now. One perfect example? That Facebook share button. Although nothing new, these micro interactions have increased in popularity during the last couple of years as it gives users a way of interacting with the website content.

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