How Visually Driven Website Design is Changing Modern Websites

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Website design and development has come a long way to become what it is today. Starting from the 1990s and until the present time, the changes have leaned toward having the ability to create dynamic and engaging websites. The old-school websites that we often see during our younger days are no longer evident and is now disregarded as the designs of today are now modern, clean and full of functionality with the use of Content Management Systems (CMS).

Even though CMS has provided a sort of convenience for web developers and designers, looks like innovation still has a lot in store in the future. After seeing the ongoing gaps of web designers and developers in projects, visual development has become the fill in these cracks and gaps. Visual development has the power to lighten the workload for it and CMS provide the codes for you while you're creating that landing page.

It has allowed designers and web developers to see real-time what they have envisioned on a website. Visual development tools have helped designers to express their vision with ease, while developers won’t need to imagine that much for them to code the design.

As described by Bryant Chou, co-founder and CTO of Webflow: “It allows creatives to design with the code, instead of creating a representation of it."

According to his interview with Josiah Motley, Chou answered on what he thinks the future of visual development will be on the next to five years. He first elaborated on the first five years saying: "In 5 years no one will be writing HTML and CSS anymore. It will die a slow death, like Postscript, the language typesetters used to write in the 90s when they used it to instruct printers how to lay out magazines and newspapers."

He said that as designers now rely on visual tools. The mentioned programming languages will soon become dead languages since designers will opt to choose tools that could clearly help them apply their vision on the platform that could clearly show it to them in real life.

Chou then said: "In 10 years, it’s inevitable that we’d build the majority of web and software applications without code. Software will continue to improve to the point where we’ll be building apps within apps, and software with software. We’ll only be coding extensions on top of visual tooling to fill in gaps."

Web design and development has come a long way. With the introduction of visual development and its tools, digital agencies can now efficiently envision a website without having gaps in the team, thus being able to create more creative websites for clients.

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