How Your Business Page Can Delight in Facebook's Reaction Button

Posted by Author 4 years ago

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Last week, Facebook unveiled their much awaited expansion to the Like button and this update will allow users to express and convey emotion in reaction in the form of emoji buttons over the updates of their friends and the facebook pages of businesses and brands that they follow.

For business owners and their pages as well as marketers distributing content on facebook, this opens up new ways to measure engagement with each posts. Brand humanization entails drawing and appealing emotions towards your audiences as a way to know and get in touch them to establish a much deeper engagement.

Currently, Facebook is still testing the new Reactions button to users in Ireland and Spain but they are looking to bring the update to the rest of the world soon.

So how do business owners prepare and thrive with Facebook Reaction buttons? Read up below.

 First, find out what are the additional reactions in this expansion?

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Love buttonWhen people hit this button, it means that they love your post.

Haha buttonPeople find your post funny when they tap this button.

Yay buttonPeople express excitement over your post.

Wow buttonThe expression of amazement over a post.

Sad buttonThey are saddened by your post.

Angry buttonThey are angered over this post.

Plan your content

When it comes to marketing on social media, planning your content is essential and putting in time to ponder of what your audience and followers will love. You can start planning for the weekend postings, the upcoming week or the first fifteen days of the month. Sort them out and pay attention to the relevance of this content not only for your brand but also to what your audience will love and find endearing.

To get you started in planning your content:

  • Scroll back in time to your best posts and content from your pages and check to see which posts drew the most likes and comments. That is a starting point and you can begin brainstorming to replicate that content and message with a fresh and creative twist.
  • Check your calendar for the season and local festivities around your local area.
  • Do you have an upcoming special promo?
  • What are the milestones that your brand is celebrating? 

Keep it Positive

As much as possible, share updates that are positive as you aim to delight and inspire, not dampen your audiences’ happiness. 


Use imagery consisting of either beautiful shots around a subject or have a card with a delightful message. This could also be in a GIF or animated photo format. You can use a short video to express more action as videos on Facebook now are autoplay that captures attention. 

Be Lively

The content and multimedia are set but the most important is how you convey your message In terms of the choice of words you input in the post. Remember to talk genuinely and aim to strike a meaningful conversation. You and your facebook page must speak to your audience as a way to establish the first base of engagement. 

It’s Not Always About You

Brands and Business on Facebook often turn away their audience by being to excessive in self-promotion coupled with hard selling messages. Content marketing or marketing in general is not about the brand but it is about the audience. As a brand, you aim to please and delight that will endear you to your customers. Don’t hard sell as promotion can be creatively conveyed with imagery and witty quips.

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