Ideas to Spark Your Facebook Page's Social Engagement

Posted by Author 4 years ago

Facebook continues to be the most widely used social networking site. It drives a big percentage of the Internet’s traffic at 23.39 percent, and falls just second to Google in the most influential site category.

About five new profiles are created on Facebook EVERY SECOND, and the question that needs to be on every business owner’s mind is: how do I take advantage of Facebook’s astounding marketing potential? 

Here are five ways to do just that.

  1. Keep your Facebook page updated at all times.

Take time to make an assessment of your Facebook page to determine whether it’s high time for a revamp. Check the important details such as your business hours and contact information to ensure they are all up to date. Change your cover photo from time to time to match themes, holidays, or special promos. 

  1. Practise consistent posting and make your posts relevant.

Consistent posting will help keep users interested in your brand and glued to your page. Make sure to mix it up now and then and introduce new material to keep things fresh and appealing to your audience. Share YouTube videos, inspiring stories, and other interesting tidbits that inspire you. 

  1. Boost posts.

Facebook makes it easy for brands to reach wider audiences with boosted posts. All you need to do is set a budget and you will instantly find out how wide the reach of your post is going to be. This form of targeted advertising also makes it possible for you to send your message to the right people. One boosted post per week is usually enough, but could be more depending on the volume of content you have to promote. 

  1. Use Facebook offers.

Facebook gives companies a chance to drive and increase brick and mortar sales through Facebook Offers. Through the service, businesses can reward Facebook fans by giving out discounts and other promotional offers redeemable for goods and/or services at the company’s store. It is a fantastic way to show appreciation to customers and to encourage them to share the offer with their friends.  

  1. Take inspiration from Facebook’s featured success stories.

Browse through the many featured success stories on Facebook and draw inspiration from businesses similar to yours in nature. There are also useful links for resources as well as an active forum for business owners looking to make and to share notes.

As the most active social media platform worldwide, Facebook offers business owners a big opportunity to reach their target audience and to create lasting business relationships that’s beneficial to all parties concerned.