Improve Your Website Sales through Content Marketing

Posted by Author 4 years ago

It’s an exciting time for your business as the holidays are approaching once more. Have you crafted a strategy to help drive traffic to your website?

Here are five ways to optimise your site in time for the holidays.

  1. Change your theme

Go for a holiday themed webpage to optimise your site for holiday traffic. With the help of a Custom Web Solutions Company, you will attract visitors who are on the lookout for anything and everything holiday-related. Your holiday posts will also be on point when your webpage theme matches the season.

  1. Get active on social media

Follow the same adjustments on your social channels as your website. Post about holiday specials in and around you area and link back to pages where those events are featured so you can increase visibility and traffic to your social pages. Feature your special holiday landing page by linking back to it to drive incremental traffic. Finally, don’t forget to add social sharing buttons on your holiday landing page and blog posts to encourage people to share your content and help it spread.

  1. Create holiday blog posts

Update your blog with holiday posts and write about holiday-related products, services, or events in the area. This can help you become a great source people will turn to for updates on fun things to try and do in the holiday season. Other interesting posts that are also great traffic drivers include holiday recipes, games, and holiday party ideas.

  1. Give away e-coupons

Offering holiday deals on your site and giving away e-coupons can help increase conversions during the holidays. Customise your e-coupons to make them appropriate for the holiday so it follows the theme and sets the stage for an awesome customer experience.

  1. Go local

Feature local holiday specials on your website through Google places, Foursquare, Yelp, and the like. That way, guests can view updates on your page and in turn, you will gain more traffic and higher conversion rates.