It's Not Too Late To Plan Your PPC for the Holidays

Posted by Author 4 years ago

The Holiday cheer is starting to build with consumers but not so much with the marketers and retailers as there is this trepidation and expectations. This is a time to go all out and make the last season of the year be accounted with strong reach and strong sales. 

With Pay Per Click such as Google’s Adwords platform, brands can instantly reach customers who may be in the market for their early holiday shopping or those who are shopping right now to avoid the shopping rush.

Before the holiday season begins in full swing early next month, there is still time for you to plan your PPC campaigns. Below are several pointers to get you started if you are planning to invest in Adwords next month.

Plan Your Keywords

Keywords are considered triggers when to flash your advertisement disposition with Google’s vast ad network consisting of publishing partners and affiliates. For the holidays, you may want to invest in these keyword sets:

General Keywords

  • Product Name  ex: iPhone 6
  • Service Name  ex: Holiday Accommodations
  • Store Name ex: Amazon

Buying Keywords

  • Holiday Discounts
  • Holiday Deals
  • Holiday Freebies
  • Holiday Free Shipping

Keywords will make or break your campaign as it sets the trigger when, where and how it flashes across your target audiences. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to plot and discover keywords to expand your selection. Adding keywords is free and it won’t cost you up until someone clicks on your ads. For display campaigns, the more keywords, the better your impressions. The higher the impressions, the more chances that someone clicks. More clicks mean more potential sales.

Google Keyword Planner

Compare Past Performances

Much like getting a visit from the ghost of Christmas past, you will need to revisit your campaign performance from last year – if you invested in PPC. If this is your first PPC holiday campaign, take your time in studying the basics of Adwords, knowing how much to bid basing on your precise budget and your keyword selection.

Next year and come the holiday, you can compare performance and gain valuable insight on what worked and what did not. This will make your next holiday campaign much more successful.

Holiday Cheer in Ad copy

Aside from the keywords, the ad copy in your text display campaign or the display text in your banners should be all about the holiday. When writing the ad copy for the holiday remember the following quick pointers to get you started:

  • Special Holiday discount rate for your product or service this Christmas
  • Limited time offer this Christmas
  • Include your freebies
  • Free shipping?
  • Other promos

Your aim in writing the ad copies are to standout and get the attention of your targeted audiences.

Focus Mobile Shoppers

In the age of multi-devises in Adwords, your ads get broadcasted across devises ranging from desktop, tablet and mobile. This means that Adwords tries its best to balance and spread out your ad campaigns across all devises. 

There are merits if you would like to focus your campaign on mobile only devises. According to a research by the Digital Analytics Benchmark of IBM, mobile commerce comprised 23% of last year’s holiday online sales, an increment of 35% from 2013. 

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Over the years, Google has made Adwords very accessible and affordable for businesses. You can set a very limited budget and yet Adwords can still work for you. The holiday is considered as the last hurrah to finish the year strong in terms of sales and Google Adwords is a very viable option for your business.

Eager to get started on holiday PPC campaigns and yet somehow nervous or your time is not agreeable in learning Adwords or much less set up a campaign? Let Global WebForce create and run your holiday campaigns!