Merging the Concept of Design and Usability for Effective Website Design

When it comes to website design for businesses, design must be based on usability in order for visitors to make an informed action on your website.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

The concept of design and usability may be seen as separate entities but it's a must to become one because it unlocks a design the promotes form and function at the same time. Business owners who are having problems with their websites can avail of Global WebForce's website design packages that offer everything from content to digital marketing. For more information, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email

When it comes to websites, there are two concepts that website designers must follow in order to meet customer expectations. Called the concept of design and concept of usability, both have great impacts on websites when used right and combined. Yes, you read it: when combined.

Both concepts are a must when it comes to website building. This means that web designers, and even web developers, must have an idea of how both concepts work hand in hand in developing an easy-to-use website.

If you're new at the whole thing of website concepts, just think of this as your television set at home. Imagine walking home and planning on watching a great movie channel to enjoy your Friday night. However, sad to say, the design of your television menu is hard to look at since the colour is too bright, while the menu is jumbled. As the owner, your experience will only end up in frustration because of the complications. The same goes for the website. If your website is not designed well enough with the right elements in terms of look and usability, then frustration will also become the outcome of the experience. And you know what frustration means in this matter: your potential customers will leave your website without any second thoughts.

Don't let this happen to you. That's why merging both concepts are important. When you're using iconography on your website, make sure to place labels that will help identify it. Only those who developed the website will be familiar with the elements you place on there. Aside from labels, don't forget to come up with visual cues that will help your website visitors to locate what they're looking for.

The bottom line is that it's vital to see the important between the two concepts and be able to harmoniously combine the two for better design.