Must-Have E-Commerce Features for 2018

Posted by Author 2 years ago

As the holiday season approaches, more and more trends for the next year are emerging. Every year, there are trends for the upcoming year that spread based on data and new technologies. For 2018, expect websites to adapt trends, such as videos, business techniques, and CSS grid layouts.

1. Include Videos

People have revolutionalised the way we deliver our content. Starting from paragraphs, the way we deliver content has now bypassed written words and is now on images and videos. Videos are a great way to explain hard-to-understand or technical topics, sparking emotion and even for storytelling. It has great potential for driving traffic and increasing engagement in websites.

In numbers, videos drive 157 per cent increase in organic traffic from SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), and videos placed on landing pages increase conversions by 80% or higher. With this data, there is no surprise that more and more websites are placing videos.

2. Microinteractions

This isn't actually new since it's been around for a long time. Microinteractions are often found on social media sites, such as Facebook and its famous "Like" button. And this has grown and is now being adopted by websites.

Online sellers use microinteractions since it has the power to influence a decision of a user. It helps in influencing a customer to start a habit or reward users on specific tasks they have accomplished. The tasks are endless and depending on your website, this can be subscribing to your newsletter, creating a product review or updating their profile. For the next year, don't be surprised to see content and graphics that are in harmony with microinteractions.

3. CSS Grid Layouts

According to the World Wide Web Consortium, a CSS grid layout is a "two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for user interface design." By looking at the grid layout, the cells are placed into arbitrary slots of a fixed-size or flexible grid layout. This layout gives designers more freedom in controlling how a webpage is laid out. This also helps in making use of the spaces and making the website easier to optimise.

The New Year is slowly approaching. This is the perfect time to look back and evaluate your website on how it performed over the year. Help it perform better in 2018 with Global WebForce. We are a creative agency dedicated to empowering businesses through the transformative growth of the web and digital. Contact 1300 77 88 62 or email to know which website package suits you for 2018.