Remarketing: How to Avoid Being a Creepy Advertiser

Posted by Author 4 years ago


Retargeting, more popularly known as remarketing, is a powerful advertising tool you ought to be using for your business. It helps refresh a lead’s memory and reinforce your brand message, regardless if you are involved in retail or in B2B.

Keep these five best practices in mind as you vamp up your company’s remarketing efforts.

Set clear goals.

Success can be measured only when goals are clear. The first step to creating a strong remarketing strategy is to set clear goals. A custom-made remarketing plan serves as a solid foundation for greater success. Some examples of clear objectives include:

  • Specific sales targets
  • Increased conversions (visitors to customers)
  • A boost in traffic (by a specific percentage)

Conduct trials.

Let’s admit it, not every campaign will turn out to be a success. This is where trials come in. Test each of your campaigns and track results for a specified period of time. Once you’ve gathered your data, change things up in your call-to-action, landing page, wording, etc. and see how the results change. This will allow you to gauge what works best and what doesn’t.

Establish targeted groups.

Segmenting audiences to filter visitors according to the amount of time they spend on certain product pages, those who leave at the call-to-action page, and other relevant behaviour will help establish groups to target with your remarketing efforts later.

Customise messages.

After you have established your targeted groups, you’ll need to create customised messages for each of them. If you use a generic call-to-action or advertising message with each audience segment, you will not get a lot of positive responses. Consider the needs and interests of each group and customise messages to improve results.

Limit ads.

The biggest mistake remarketers commit is overdoing it. If you don’t limit ads, you’re likely to annoy your audience and drive them away. A few ways to put limitations on your remarketing efforts are as follows:

  • Limit online ads to show only a specific number of times in a day.
  • Limit the places where your ads will appear.
  • Try different formats – aside from PPC campaigns and Google AdWords, you can try email remarketing, site remarketing, social media and search remarketing, etc. Just make sure not to subject your audiences to ALL of these at the same time.

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