Small Business PPC Hacks To Try Today

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Online marketing that is fast and only needs to be paid when someone clicks on your ad? That's possible with Pay-Per-Click (PPC). But, how does this exactly work? Actually, PPC helps in spreading brand awareness and reaching a wider audience while producing fast and measurable results with the use of keywords. The potential is big in this inbound marketing strategy, but it can also cost a lot of money, especially when not used right.

Small businesses might find it hard to get the budget needed in order to promote the business. So, before getting in the PPC game, make sure your landing page—where potential customers will be redirected—is already in its finished state, meaning it is already up, optimised and finished. For businesses interested in PPC, here are small business PPC hacks to try today in order to make your business grow in sales and customer base.

No to generic landing pages

You're using PPC to drive traffic to your website, so make sure your ad is worth clicking and landing page is worth viewing. Don't waste every potential customer redirected to your website.

Before uploading your landing page, make sure your website is optimised and ready for viewing, meaning the content is final and error-free, if possible.

Double check the keywords and the message of your website. The message should in line with your potential customer’s reason why clicked the ad in the first place. However, there are instances when you can use a generic website. But can only be done when it is incredibly detailed and can fully explain why you are the solution to their problems.

Make things easy

When a customer clicks on your PPC ad is a milestone, but it is just the start of the battle; the first step to a path that leads two ways: a sale or nothing.

You should always be prepared once a potential customer enters the battlefield. Always think about your customers. Make sure that the landing page they are redirected at is easy to navigate and easy to understand. This not only helps them in finding what they are looking for, but also giving them a reason to stay longer, thus increasing the chance of having a sale and lowering your bounce rate at the same time.

Just remember to not expect too much at an early stage and give time for potential customers to decide since they will need to understand your business better before making a deal.