Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Posted by Author 4 years ago

The holiday season looms upon us once more. That means your potential customers have the holidays in their minds and are ready to pounce on the first chance they get to do their holiday shopping.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for businesses as it provides the perfect opportunity to increase engagement and conversion.

These five tips can help you spread the holiday cheer through your social media pages.

  1. Add seasonal touches

“Decorate” your website along with your social media pages with some holiday touches that would help get visitors in the holiday spirit. The more creative and relevant your decors are, the higher your chances at earning a second glance and long-term engagement from visitors.

  1. Give holiday presents

Contests are a tried and tested way of increasing engagement and fan bases. It can provide your business with a chance to get more attention, more shares, and eventually, more revenue.

  1. Interact with fans and followers

Don’t forget to socialise on social media. Get your followers and fans to engage by asking them holiday-related questions, like their wish lists, favourite holiday food, traditions, memories, etc. By increasing engagement, your posts will have a greater chance of going viral, thereby increasing conversion.

  1. Support a worthy cause

The holidays are the best time to get into the spirit of giving. Sponsor a worthy cause, a foundation or a charity which would appeal the most to your potential customers. The more related the cause is to your brand, the better.

  1. Use trending holiday hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to go trending on social media. Your brand will get noticed more easily when you use popular holiday hashtags relevant to your brand or your products and services. Do your research, determine what works best for your business, and join trending holiday discussions or campaigns to capture your audience’s attention.

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