The Best Video Marketing Practices for Your Social Media Accounts

Posted by Author 3 years ago

There are many social media platforms available to promote your business. But every platform has its specific purpose and target market. Facebook is more about sharing ideas, Twitter is talking about what's in your head in not more than 140 characters, while Instagram focuses more on visual, whether video or images.

It's no surprise that there will be different types of videos on each platform. And this article will focus on the best video marketing practices for your social media accounts.


The most accessible and flexible social media platform out there, Facebook has something different compared to other social media platforms: and one of it is there is no time limit for an uploaded video that can affect a business. Also, Facebook has the “My Day” feature that lets you feature images or videos like Snapchat. Having this freedom can help business really work on what content they want to upload on Facebook.

Well, no matter how long the time limit is on Facebook, it would be best to only use between two to four minutes. The specified time frame is already perfect to squeeze in information without risking losing viewers' interest.


There are two ways for you to use videos on Instagram, whether on Instagram stories or your feed itself. However, in Instagram, your video should be within three to sixty seconds long, while your stories should be not more than ten seconds.

In Instagram, people know what they're looking for so they scroll really fast, thus making videos brief but full of content can definitely grab their attention. And those types of videos include tutorials, breaking news, sneak peeks, and more.


Compared to the first two, Twitter is the shortest of them all. What do you expect; their branding is the 140 characters per tweet, so it will also connect with how long videos should be. Actually, Twitter only requires a video, not over two minutes and twenty seconds and should be in an MP4 format with ACC audio and under 512 MB.

Since Twitter circles around brevity, users who upload video content here only show snippets or highlights of the day. Take for example news agencies; they upload trending or breaking news with videos focusing on the important parts of the story. For businesses, this could involve a sneak peek at what your next step or announcements are.