The Five Features that Small Business Websites Must Have

Posted by Author 2 years ago

The digital age has definitely revolutionised how businesses promote themselves and what they offer. It has pushed them into exploring a platform outside their conform zone. There is no doubt that a website has become the face of the business on the World Wide Web. No matter what their size, industry, size or niche is, this has shown them a new place to get leads and potential clients.

However, the common idea for websites is that the fancy-looking ones get the most attention. Better shake up that idea. Actually, it takes more than looks to attract a customer. Other factors are also functionality and experience.

A business website is composed of different aspects to make it attractive and effective. With all those aspects, let’s break it down into the five features that small business websites must have.

 Feature #1: Working mobile-optimized design

The world has a total population of over 7 billion. Breaking down this population, there are over 3 billion people who are internet users, over 2 billion people who are active social media users, over 4 billion are unique mobile subscribers and over 2 billion people are active mobile social users. Imagine these numbers of users access your website, but in reality they leave instantly because your website is not web responsive.

Having a seamless and functional mobile-optimized design helps your website adjust to any screen resolution without the fuss. This means that users can use any platform to visit your website. Also, web responsiveness improves the customer's experience and lessens bounce rate.


Feature #2: Brand-related design

Your website should be able to have an interactive design that is in line with search engine’s criteria, end user's comfort and your branding as well. Branding is who you are. Having a website with a brand-related design clearly represents your business' identity. Consistency and uniformity helps in establishing a solid presence of showing to customers that's it's you and you’re serious in what you’re doing.


Feature #3: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the secret weapon to reach a high ranking. Only if it's used right that is. Having a high rank on search engines means your website has stable organic traffic. And having that rank exposes you to more people since search engines will likely suggest you first to them with the use of keywords.

Users enter keywords on search engines to find what they’re looking for. Example, the user enters website packages on search engines, a lot of big names in the industry will pop out. In making a website, make sure SEO is tied to it. SEO will help the business have an optimised landing page.


Feature #4: Engaging Call-to-Action (CTA) content

A CTA is an image or copy that entices users to make an action. This action can be anything you want your users to do: subscribe to a newsletter, download an e-book, sign up for a membership, and more. In making CTA, this should be eye-catching in both content and design.

Without a CTA in your website, it will only make your website a tunnel of information. And users will just leave after reading your information without making an action. But by adding an effective CTA in strategically chosen places, this can prompt action from your customers and lessen bounce rate.


Feature #5: Contact information

This is essential for every website. Contact information is what a customer needs in order to get in touch with the business. This is obviously a no-brainer, but a lot of businesses don’t make it easy to find. Oftentimes, web designers tend to place contact information under a lot of images and content, making it hard to find. Don't make it hard for users to find your contact information. This will make potential customers lose their interest and leave your business without a second thought.

A website should be in line with your branding in order to become consistent and recognised by search engines and users. A website should be eye-catching and at the same time a place of information that can be accessed on any platform. This can be achieved by looking for a trusted digital web agency that has experience in the industry. Global WebForce is a digital web agency that has an expert team who can make your website web responsive, brand-oriented and customer-centric. For more information, contact 1300 77 88 62 or email