The Step by Step Process of Building a Serious B2B Website

When planning for a website that is fairly concentrated on B2B, here are the essential tips in creating a potent B2B website.

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Building a serious B2B website is actually undergoing a whole lot of steps only the agency sees and does. Creating one from start to finish takes up a lot of manpower and man hours to finish.

As a customer, all you see is the finished product. And as for the businessman, you only get the glimpse of the process since the involvement majorly revolves around brainstorming, providing the necessary information and approval.

But what really happens behind the scenes?

Step #1: Research - In creating a website, the first step always is research. This is an essential factor in starting and fueling the creative process. The team, especially the design and content team, will search the World Wide Web to find inspiration, website design pegs, images, and even websites of competitors. Doing this can last days since searching for the perfect design and image does not come out overnight.

Step #2: Content strategy planning - Once there is an idea of how the design will be, content planning is up next. Every page of the website will be laid out and will have its own strategy on how to clearly communicate what the client wants through their website. Other agencies combine the process of research and planning and call it brainstorming in order to have real-time ideas from the members of the team for the whole project.

Step #3: Creating the wireframe - Think of this as having a sketch of the flow of the website. A wireframe is considered the skeleton of a website; the rest of the team will get to see through a rough sketch the project that they are creating. This will also help guide designers and content writers to know which fields need content.

Step #4: Content writing - After having a content plan and a rough sketch of the project, the content team can now start with producing headlines, taglines, call-to-actions, and other content needed for the website. Creativity does not come out in an instant, this is a thorough process. The writers need time for them to be able to produce high-quality, witty, and relevant content that can evoke emotion and tell a story for readers and visitors to get engaged.

Step #5: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - SEO is a powerful marketing strategy that helps businesses know what is happening with their marketing strategy. It also helps in providing the necessary information and data to give an idea for people regarding their decision making for the business. SEO can also be used in content since it can search specific keywords that are relevant to the niche market. Once keywords are collected and decided upon, the content team can now add the keywords in content.

Step #6: Design development - After content production, it is time to design the website. Along with the content and wireframe, the design team can now choose the images that will perfectly complement the copy and which fits the wireframe. The design process also involves in everything from creative direction, development and everything in between.

Step #7: Website development - Once content and design have been combined and placed on the wireframe, it is time to code the website to make it a reality. Website development is actually a tedious process, especially if the website is coded from scratch.

Step #8: Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) - The final stages of website development are quality assurance and control. This will be the focus of the eyes in order to find remaining errors and mistakes needed to be changed before pushing the website live. Of course, there are already checking, revisions, and approval in between the stages, but this when the final approval occurs. That is why it is important to check every nook of the website.

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