Trends in Business Website Design that You Must Know About

Staying relevant and competitive are two traits your websites need to achieve in order to gain interest from people. And one way to do so is keeping up with the latest trends.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Standing out on the internet is something easier said than done. The internet houses around 1.94 billion websites as of December 2018. Imagine your website battling it out versus the 1.94 billion others to get the attention of your target market. Even if your competitors are just a fraction of that number, winning and being competitive is still hard.

Staying relevant and competitive are two traits your websites need to achieve in order to gain interest from people. And one way to do so is keeping up with the latest trends.

It's normal for people to get bored in seeing the same thing over and over. But that doesn't mean your website should start changing the way it looks. Being consistent with branding is important in introducing who the business is. Learn more about the latest trends to make your website more interesting engaging, and attractive by reading below.

Mobile-first Strategy Mobile devices are taking over as more people are using this technology to visit websites and even social media, than desktop. More than half of web traffic originates from mobile devices and it's even being forecasted that 72.6 per cent will access the internet via their smartphones. That's how serious it is to add mobile devices in your design plan.

It's important for business websites to cater to mobile device users, and provide them with a seamless experience through easy viewing and navigation. Integrating a mobile-first design doesn't mean your desktop view will get destroyed affected. Web responsiveness optimises your website to adjust on what screen size it's being viewed, so no need to worry about the transition.

Moreover, the mobile first design also helps your website's search engine rankings. The bottom line, integrate this now if you haven't yet to stop missing out on these benefits.

Interactive, Personalised Experience Customers love it when they visit a website, which lets them to participate in gimmicks. This enhances their experience, every time they visit the website. Whether clicking images or icons or seeing a uniquely-designed cursor, the purpose of this is to get the attention of visitors and engage with them all throughout the experience.

Also, make sure to be consistent across different devices and give them the option to choose and personalise their own experience to make every visit fresh and exciting.

Simple but Attention-grabbing In designing a website, make sure it's attention-grabbing but not busy. A busy website will confuse visitors as they browse through your website.

What's recommended is to have an attention-grabbing website with a simple design, which do not disrupt the navigation of your website, as it will help visitors see your message clearly. One of the main purposes of a business website is to deliver your message that the business is always willing to help. Aside from this, bold typography can also be used to catch your visitors' eyes on messages you want them to read.

Include Inclusivity Aside from navigation, another important trend to take note of is web accessibility. It is a design that allows people with disabilities to access your website with ease.

Including every possible customer in your target market will open new doors of possibilities for the business. Integrating such design in your plan will increase your potential in catering to more customers than before.

Being able to provide a positive customer experience through your website helps in converting interested leads into customers. Website visitors remember businesses who care about their customers, and properly adding an inclusive design is one way of doing it.

Redesign or create a website that is concerned more about customers and their experience, but still leaves room to integrate branding. Identity is important as it lets customers remember your business, but also providing them with a wonderful experience that will convince them to transact with you.

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