Twitter as a Customer Service Platform: Practical Ideas on Social Media

Posted by Author 5 years ago


Twitter has come a long way since its humble beginning as a way for friends and peers to send messages in real time. Now, Twitter has become an integral part of improving the customer experience for both large and small businesses.

 With more than 280 million monthly users, and over 500 million Tweets per day, it’s no surprise how Twitter rapidly evolved into a viable business tool companies were quick to take advantage of.

For brands looking to gain out of the Twitter effect, here are easy customer service practices for social media success.

Practise responsiveness

Twitter’s advantage is that users have quick access to the application, enabling them to post messages anytime, anywhere. Businesses need to match their customers’ pace by responding to their Tweets or acknowledging it as soon as possible. If responding within an hour or two is not possible, the next best alternative is to do so ASAP and to increase availability over time.

Of course, responding just for the sake of being able to Tweet something back is not enough. Businesses must provide quality answers which will address the issue the customer has raised. Responses must always be complete and concise.

Strive to make a good impression

There’s no use being on social media if businesses will not practise being social. To leave a lasting positive impression on customers, brands must extend exceptional customer service by socialising and humanising the brand. There’s no place for automated responses on social media.

Recognise and reward loyal customers

Twitter doesn’t have to be a place where customers just rant and complain. Businesses can turn it into a platform where conversations between brands and customers take place – including positive exchanges. Utilised correctly and Twitter can be used to turn customers’ negative experiences into positive ones. Brands must therefore recognise and reward their loyal followers and customers who speak highly of them. This will leave a lasting positive impression and would most likely encourage customers to continue patronising the brand.