Website Design Trends to Watch for 2018

Posted by Author 2 years ago

Trends come and go.

And just like everything else, web design trends change every year. What may be hip and cutting-edge last 2017, may be outdated and lame this 2018. Design, as a whole is constantly evolves that's why all must adopt.

But what are the web design trends projected to go big this year?

Flat Design is About to Retire                                           

Flat design was all the rage back in 2013. It became all the more popular when Apple, one of its prominent adopters, decided to utilize a flat design in their product icons on the iOS 7.

But according to E Consultancy, it may be coming to an end. In fact, numerous designers are beginning to utilize the use of gradients, depths and shadows again. If you need more convincing, a study by the Nielsen Norman Group, said that it took users about 22 percent longer to navigate a flat design.

Ghosting The Ghost Button

Ghost Buttons are beautiful to look at. They're really aesthetically pleasing; in fact, we could go all day about how the Ghost Button is a triumph of form and function.

But according to Bartholomew Fish, a visual design expert, ghost buttons are so "ghostly" that it doesn't compel the user to do anything. According to research, Ghost Button call to actions results into 20 percent decrease in clicks. And if you're looking to convert leads, you can't afford that huge of a decrease.

Brutalism Invades Website Design

One of the most enduring and popular styles of architecture, Brutalism is a movement that eschews looking comfortable and colourful, and instead exudes "seriousness" as evident with its massive concrete buildings. Essentially, a celebration of function over form.

Obviously, you can't pour concrete in web design, so you just take its spirit and apply it. In fact, many have already adopted, such as Balenciaga with their e-commerce shop. It's simple, monochromatic, and most of all "serious."

Stiiicky Navigation

A navigation button or header menus that follow the user as they scroll down the website. This style is projected to go big, as it's practical to the users who wish to switch pages, without scrolling back up. Luckily, there are many digital agencies that offer website design packages that include this nifty feature.


Yes. We celebrate curves in web design now. Gone are the days of boxes and edges,and instead, circles and smoothed edges. What do we mean? Look at Twitter and Instagram. From the box profile photo, it's now circle shaped. Expect a curvy celebration this 2018.

For business owners, being aware of the website trends for the upcoming year gives them the general outlook on how the next iteration of their website’s aesthetics will mesh with its business functions.

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