Website Improvements in 2019 to Improve Customer Enquiries

What are the things you need to improve for the website to convert visitors into inquiries?

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Selling online has its perks as it taps on a market you haven't yet. But not every shift works. You need a good platform to grab hold of your customers attention, and even a strategy to set things in motion. The first step is to have a website and should be able to look good.

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Having a good website design is one of the most powerful tools that an eCommerce will use. Think of it like this: your website is like your storefront on the World Wide Web. This is the place they will go to when they're logged on the Internet and looking for things to buy online. So, if your website is not designed properly and wonderfully, don't expect these customers to stay at your website for long. They'll eventually search for others and the cycle goes on until they find the best one so far.

Do you want to increase your customer enquiries? Here are website improvements to do in 2019.

Optimise your website speed A website is at the forefront of your digital strategy. Aside from social media, a website is your medium of showcasing what and who your business is. It's a tool that is used to engage with your audience.

The first thing a visitor will see is a blank screen, and it is too long before your website appears, better optimise it now. Website visitors don't tend to wait long enough (an average of four seconds) for your website to load.

There are many factors to consider why your website is loading too long. A lot of big-sized content and plugins are often the cause of slow loading time. Optimise your images, choose the right plugins you need and remove graphics that are not needed in your website to increase loading time. You can also hire a website designer to help in redesigning your website for the better.

Website responsiveness Experts have said this over and over again: website responsiveness is a necessity.

We now live in a world wherein people prefer to use mobile devices to access the internet. You know what this means, right? They'll leave websites that are not accessible through a mobile device. This is very important for eCommerce websites as every lead count. If customers can't visit or make a purchase on a website because it doesn't fit the screen, then say goodbye to a potential lead.

Provide trust badges The internet is full of scammers and trolls. As a business, it's your responsibility to prove yourself as a legitimate business. It's the internet so don't expect your audience to trust you right away. With this, trust badges are the solution to build a relationship with your customers. If your audience sees positive feedback, reviews, and even testimonials from previous clients, potential customers are convinced to try your products and services.