Website Templates or Custom Website Design? What to Choose for Your Business

Website design must always embody the voice of a business. This is the primary consideration when choosing between a custom or template-based website design.

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Template-Based Website or Customised Website? What to Choose for Your Business

Each approach has its own merits and drawbacks. Make a choice based on your business’ unique requirements and limitations. Allow us to identify some of the distinct characteristics of both types of websites for your guidance.

Template-Based Website

Shorter development period

It would take less time to finish building your website because someone else has already done much of the coding for you. The relatively faster turnaround time will allow you to make your website go live quickly.

Plenty of choices

More templates are added every day. The variety of options may help you inch closer to determining what might be a better fit for your brand.

Little to no cost

Website templates are relatively affordable, and others can even be used free of charge. Those who are just starting may use this to their advantage until they can afford to pay for better features down the line.

Customised Website


Since this kind of website will be built specifically for your brand, it can make you stand out and not look like someone else. Although you have to pay for customisation, it is a good investment for your reputation. It can help you project a more professional and established image, among others.

Better user experience

You can make this possible since you can inject the specific elements that can help give the website visitor a pleasant journey. You can have greater control and better chances of successfully persuading your target audience to perform your desired actions.

Increased levels of security

Hackers may take advantage of the weaknesses of the plug-ins on a template-based website. Security is of crucial importance for any business, especially when safeguarding the sensitive information of its valued customers.

Building your business’s online presence is one of the biggest decisions you would ever have to make. Take some time to weigh your options carefully. Think about the long-term as you figure out how much money, time and other resources you can capably invest.

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