Why The Homepage is The Most Important

Your homepage is the most important aspect of your website. It serves as the welcome mat of your company, that will either invite or repel a potential customer.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

We all know that websites are composed of multiple pages. But we think the most important aspect of a website is its homepage.

Why? For simple reasons, of course. The homepage is basically what the users see first when visiting your website. It can make or break the experience, as it can either invite the user to explore your website some more, but it can also run off their patience and make them leave. We now know that it is important, but specifically speaking, why?

1. It Establishes Your Branding Since it’s the first thing that your clients see, the homepage will establish to that person what your branding is all about.

The moment they arrive at your homepage, it has already established your brand, therefore, it shows your identity as a business. Your brand is the representation of your business, which is why your homepage should reflect it as such.

2. It is the Summarisation of the Whole Website Simply put, the homepage is essentially the summary of the whole website, as it gives a sneak peak of every page.

The homepage contains excerpts of your company's "About Us," as well as the list of services your provide, or products that you sell. If your homepage is attractive and comprehensive from the get-go, then more than likely, the customer will check out the inner pages of the website.

3. A Place for Reviews and Feedbacks The homepage almost always contains the testimonials of satisfied clients, for viewers to see. This basically establishes trust and reliability, as it shows that previous clients have entrusted their business to you, and have done a satisfactory job.

The homepage is the perfect and most appropriate page for client testimonials, to let potential clients see your previous satisfied customers immediately.

As a whole, the website's other components and pages are important. However, with the homepage front-facing to the target audience, it's hard to understate its importance, as it will be the one that will serve as the "welcome mat" of your business.

Global WebForce understands the importance of the homepage, which is why every website that we design and develop, ensures that the homepage gets the attention it deserves. If you need a website, with a homepage that encapsulates your business perfectly, then enquire now and we'll give you a free assessment.

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