Why You Should Advertise on Instagram

Posted by Author 5 years ago


Instagram is possibly the best platform for your business ads, and here’s why:

You get more opportunities to introduce your products and/or services to your target audiences without spending too much on advertising and marketing costs. Social media has become the go-to channel for cost-effective digital marketing.

In this regard, Instagram’s popularity in the photo-sharing category, proven by the fact that users post about 40 million photos on the platform daily, makes it the ideal site for posting business ads.

Need more reasons to get your business ads on the platform? Here’s a few.

Visual impact

Instagram is perfect for creating visual impact and adding more value to your photos. It’s the most visually dynamic way to display product photos.

Stronger relationships

Take customers behind the scenes by posting photos or videos of your production process. This will help increase familiarity with customers, giving them a better idea of how your workflow works. Similarly, they will be more encouraged to participate – using hashtags and leaving comments or feedback for businesses that encourage them to get involved in discussions and conversations.

Apart from these benefits, advertising on Instagram also helps businesses build its own personality, making it easier for customers to recognise the brand.

Greater trust

In the process of getting to know businesses better on Instagram, customers also develop greater trust in the brand as they perceive businesses on the platform to be more humanised and within reach. Utilised correctly and Instagram can be a powerful trust-enhancing tool.

Better promotions

Promoting special events or promos is convenient on Instagram. It acts as a stage where businesses can announce upcoming events, such as trade fairs where the brand’s products and services will be available or where contests will be held and freebies will be given away.


Getting creative with posts on Instagram increases the likelihood that the ad will go viral, and when it does, the business responsible for the post will also go viral and receive wider recognition.

To sum up, for businesses that want to get on a platform where they can market their brand better without spending too much to do it, Instagram is place to be.