Why You Should Prioritize a Mobile Responsive Design

Prioritizing a mobile and responsive website design is one of the smartest moves a business can make, with Google declaring it will prioritize responsive websites.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

If you have been following us for quite a while, you will know that we are very much advocates of a responsive website design.

We've mentioned it countless times, and discussed its importance and contribution to growing business, and reaching your target market.

As Forbes.com have mentioned, companies with integrated marketing programs, produces the best return of investment. And you can’t have an integrated marketing program when your website is a mess when viewed on certain platforms.

Although we are aware that a well-designed website has many factors, being mobile responsive is an utmost priority.

Why? Because did you know that Google is now starting to prioritize mobile-friendly, and responsive websites, when getting searched?

As per Android Authority, the biggest search engine is now implementing a method to prioritize these websites, due to the fact that the amount of people searching via mobile is increasing at a fast rate, and has now outpaced desktop searches.

As mobile and responsive sites taking center stage, you as a business should be prioritizing this to ensure that your business is always relevant to your intended market.

With your consumers more than likely searching you through their devices, it is imperative to make sure that your website gets the best representation it gets.

Complementing Your SEO Strategy Like we have mentioned above, Google will be implementing a way to prioritize mobile responsive designs, which is why taking the responsiveness factor in consideration is important more than ever.

By making a responsive design, it saves you the time, as you no longer have to create and manage content for different versions of your site.

Moreover, being responsive also unifies analytics, letting you to just interpret a single set of data to examine, and develop strategy with.

Limitation of Design? Admittedly, though responsive design is now being prioritized, it can still be considered in its infancy stage. As such, some website designers feel limited on the allowable designs that they can do on a responsive website.

However, experts say that the future is "bright."

Meaning, we're still scratching its surface, and progressive designers will create more and more designs that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

So, what does it all mean? The message is simple: Responsive design is the future and if you want your business to keep up, then your website should adapt.

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