Voice Search Optimization

Voice-based search engine optimization or Voice engine optimization (VEO) is a an official term that has been trademarked by Chatmerter that describes the process of optimizing web content, location, and brand to increase the chances of being tagged in voice-powered searches.

Beating Traditional Marketing Methods through Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing has been known to work best in the past. At present, digital marketing has been proven to be more cost effective. Learn how by clicking on our article.

Increase Your Business' Online Services through Online Lead Capture

Leads are part of the wider lifecycle that consumers follow when they transition from visitor to customer. Learn how you can increase leads for your business with our article.

Top Digital Marketing Solutions for Current Business Problems During Covid 19

Digital marketing strategies are developed everyday to assess the situation and help business owners get back on their feet during the pandemic. Learn more about digital marketing solutions in this article.

Search Engine Optimisation: Establishing Online Footprint

Digital footprint refers to your distinctive set of traceable activities done digitally; actions, contributions, and communications indicated on the Internet or on digital devices.

Rising Opportunities in Helping Local Business Amidst Covid 19

Online visibility is also a must for business owners as people lean forward in shopping online rather than going to the store. Digital Marketing opportunities are teeming for brick and mortar stores at this global pandemic period.

Why SEO Matters in the Boom of E-Commerce Post Pandemic

The lockdown has forced people to stay at home and work from home paving the increase in internet usage for online purchases and many business transactions. This is an opportune time for search engine optimisation.

How to Align Web Design and SEO in 2020

Two of the most important elements of your website – its design and SEO features – must complement each other to improve your Google search ranking. The logic here is simple. Your SEO efforts must help you draw your target audience to your website. As for your web design, it must help you keep your visitors stay on the website.

Website Design Activities and Features that Compromise SEO

Website design can impact where your business lands in the search engine ranks. Your ranking will drop if your website design drives your online audience to look elsewhere. Below are some website components that hurt SEO.

Why You Should Prioritize a Mobile Responsive Design

Prioritizing a mobile and responsive website design is one of the smartest moves a business can make, with Google declaring it will prioritize responsive websites.